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I have always thought that simple scrapbook designs are the foundations where more complicated themes are created. The most breathtaking, multi-layered scrapbook albums you have possibly seen all began with just a basic layout. Every scrapbooker should have at least three fundamental layouts they can apply in instances where they get stuck on an idea. When you have a few common patterns in your collection, you will have something to fall back on should you need ideas.

Another excellent reason for having a handful of simple scrapbook patterns up your sleeve is to have something to create upon. Just like I mentioned above, you could use a simple layout then build it to acquire a stunning layout that’s more advanced than what you commenced with. The standard scrapbook ideas I’m going to give you have also been tested out by some of my buddies in their own projects, and if you viewed their accomplished pages, you won’t believe that these people started out with a simple format similar to the ones in this article.

The first basic style you may use is a grid format. Divide your page equally into thirds, or perhaps into fourths if you have a bigger-sized page. For pictures and journaling elements, it’s advisable to use the same sizes to get a uniform look all over the entire page. If you’ve got spaces or margins in between each photo or journaling part, make sure that they are also the very same sizes all over. A grid layout is going to look at its finest if the sizes of the margins and materials are of uniform sizes.

Now you can add each of the embellishments that you like. You can also make use of background paper of several styles or colors for each square in the grid to add much more spice and variety.

The next layout you could use is the lined pattern. This does not mean that you have to use a background paper with lines all over it. A lined pattern indicates that your major elements are positioned in a straight line. The most frequently used elements for a layout like this would be the photographs.

You would have a much better-looking pattern if you use photographs of identical sizes. Coordinate the photos in a line over the page, either vertically or horizontally. Once in a while you can use a diagonal line if you are feeling experimental. A lined layout also provides extra space for your other items, such as journaling or just a lot more embellishments.

The third basic style is the focal point pattern. You need to have a big-sized picture for your subject. It will be the focal point of the page, so it’s best if you have the photograph in a larger size compared to the rest of the materials surrounding it. Position the large picture just a bit off-center on your page; start by placing it smack dab on the middle, then move it a couple of inches to the left or right. You may then add a journaling element beneath it or beside it, together with the embellishments you want.

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