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How much do you know about digital scrapbooking software? The great thing about scrapbooking software is that you can save a lot of time since you don’t have to do things like cutting out images or make designs? What most people don’t understand about digital scrapbooking software is exactly how it works and what the benefits of it are. What you need to know is that with scrapbooking software you have the ability to print, cut, crop, and design different images and the best part about it is you do it all with your computer . Something that you will quickly figure out when using software to get all the design work done is that it doesn’t take long and the possibilities as to what you can do are practically endless.

Another thing you need to know about digital scrapbooking software is that you can find really great ones for less than $50 The fact that you don’t have to spend that much money and they save time, and energy is a plus. Major beneficial factors that will shock you after you come across that it not only saves ample amount of yours from moving to different shops to get simple jobs done like designing, printing stuffs, now all this can be done from your own machine sitting back at your home, from this you can turn your home PC into an image directory . Think about it, why would anybody want to keep wasting time if they could just spend a little bit of money up front and reap the benefits later?

Tips on using digital scrapbooking software

Don’t wait to get it – advice I have for you in terms of digital scrapbooking software is that you should not wait to get it. What many do is that you only get when you are tired of scrapbooking and usually this is when they are about to stop doing all together. My advice is to get the software now so that you can save time and money and also make the scrapbooking process a lot easier for you.

Price does not really matter – as regards the software, the price does not matter. What you probably think is that if you buy a software package that cost $100 it must be a lot better than the ones you can find for $10 but the fact of the matter is there are not a lot of differences. What you will realize is the only difference is the amount of pre stocked photos and designs and some software out there even gives you some additional features. Remember this because this too can save you money.

Look for packages – The last tip I have for you is you should always look for packages when buying scrapbooking software. The reason why you should look for packages is because a lot of times you will find software that comes with a crew scrapbooks or design materials. The great thing about digital scrapbooking software along with a scrapbook or more materials is you are pretty much getting the software for free.

Learn how to add tags to scrapbooks and record memories in this free video series on scrapbooking and collecting. Expert: Stephanie Ovak Bio: Stephanie Ovak has always been interested in genealogy and family history and has been a true scrapbooker for the last eight years. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Do you know the benefit of scrapbooking software? What I want you to understand is that scrapbooking software is very easy to use and it has so many features that you will really be blow away with everything it can do for you. What most people don’t understand is that the patterns they buy at the store are normally created using scrapbooking software, did you know this? This is one thing that most individuals don’t even know and the reason why that’s important to understand is because lots of people create their own patterns when they should be using software which can save them days if not weeks of drawing and cutting, not to mention all the cash they will save.

Another huge benefit of scrapbooking software is that you could save things that you really liked. For instance if you wanted to use a really neat looking star on two scrapbooks then all you will need to do is print out 2 separate copies rather than purchasing two packs that contain that same neat star. Think about it, does this make sense to you? Wouldn’t you rather save some money doing something you like and having the ability to create 1 more each year because of the additional cash you saved? I understand from experience that being able to do 1 extra scrapbook each year is very rewarding and I love the fact that I now have an even 12 new scrapbooks each year.

One other advantage of scrapbooking software is that you could do and save your scrapbook right on your computer so if you ever were to have a flood or if you needed to send your scrapbook to a family member then all you need to do is log onto your computer and create or mail a copy. It’s really very simple and the nice thing is if you know how to send an email then you can run the software.

Advice on using scrapbooking software

Always make an extra – You mustlways create a backup no matter what and the reason is because you never know what technology will do to you. My suggestion to you is to not backup everything you have all the time, all you should do is when a new scrapbook is finished you must make a backup of that 1 file that way you know you will always have it.

Use templates – One thing that lots of people don’t get is practically every piece of software will let you utilize templates which helps a lot when you are trying to make your pages look identical. The nice part about this is you can make pages one after the other and all you have to do is pull open that same template page after page. When it comes to scrapbooking software there’s a lot that you need to know and understand but the truth of the matter is you have to try it out for yourself so that you can learn while doing.

Not surprisingly scrapbooking is so big these days, especially with the advent of the Internet and digital scrapbooking! Scrapbooking is in itself a “creative art” but what if you aren’t really in the mood for being creative, or you need to catch up on some scrapbooking, but you’re all out of ideas?

(besides the same designs you’ve been using for years- Yawn!)

It’s a bit frustrating coming up with creative layouts on the spot! And you accumulate more photos, with more photos overwhelming your scrapbooking projects,they shortly become “tasks” and the last thing you want is for something that is supposed to be fun and relaxing! Here is how to break the mold and to create new and exciting albums:

1 – Organize!

Please, if you have one of those desks, which only tends to collect more and more stuff, with random bits of paper, photos, and half done albums, it’s no wonder that you can’t get anywhere with new Scrapbooking Ideas. (Same goes for the computer’s hard drive- keep it clean and organized) Pick up a system of sorts and stick with it. You can organize by date, events, people, places, what works for you, just make sure it is easy to implement and it’s fun to do! If you have a busy schedule like most people today then set aside a few minutes, maybe once a week on Sunday afternoon, or whatever, to organize your newly collected scrapbooking items you’ve gathered over the week. Then, when it’s time to sit down and put it all together, it is not as overwhelming.

2 – Focus

I know it sounds weird to say that you need to focus, to scrapbook, because the word just sounds like work, and aren’t scrapbooks supposed to be fun?! Well, I found that with my scrapbooking projects (and anything else in life) it is necessary to put aside all distractions and concentrate on one thing and one thing at a time. The same goes for scrapbooking. If you planned on Saturday afternoon three to five as your “focus time” and then make sure you put aside all distractions. Let your family know that you are “temporarily unavailable” shut down your phone, computer and television (unless you enjoy it in the background while scrapping) and just get to the fun part. You will often find that once you do that and just get started, the creativity starts flowing, and before you know it is past your allotted time, and you still have scrapbooking ideas that come to you effortlessly !

3 – Always keep something useful to jot down ideas and inspiration, when it comes to you in a moment.

Creativity is something that no one can really be creative all the time, it comes in spurts, and often very random. (Mine often come back in the shower, or driving) So, to keep something around that works for you. That there is a notepad on your phone, Evernote, or just a small notebook. Just make sure it is convenient and easy to use or you can not use it!

(Just make sure you repeat the above described process and record ideas in an instant for later use with this system!) For more ideas and scrapbooking tips as well as a fun place to get together with like-minded scrappers, see my bio box below:) I hope you enjoy!

For more great tips on Scrapbooking or to find Scrapbooking Retreats visit my site, or join the conversation on Facebook

By: Lucie Battaini

Scrapbook software is used by a lot of people to establish patterns and designs for their album. Scrapbook software has multiple functions and features that allow scrapbookers to easily create a a beautiful scrapbook.

Scrapbook software can allow people to create designs which are in line with the quality created by professionals. This is easy since a lot options are presented to the user of the software. Thousands of designs, images and patterns can be used for the scrapbook. Using specialized printers, all the designs and effects can be placed in the paper. The scrapbook can be easily finished in a matter of minutes.

Scrapbook software can also be used to modify images and pictures of consumers. The photos are scanned and copied. Once the photo has been stored on the hard drive, scrapbook software can be used to edit and insert different designs. The image of a person can be changed and manipulated. If you wish, The hair color, accessories or the whole appearance of the person can be modified. This can be used to put funny and hilarious designs in the scrapbook.

People can also change the background of the photo by placing a famous place or person. For example, the image of the person can be made to appear at the beach, should the photo fit the scenery. You could also add sun glasses and a hat. This is a very distinctive way to modify photos for scrapbooks.

Scrapbook software can also be used to personalize and alter the album cover. The software can be used to modify the cover and change its appearance using different decorations. One of the most popular is the leather scrapbook cover design. The cover can be printed with a leather look and appearance, including stitching and a leather texture. Also, pictures from the events of the scrapbooking pages can also be used on the cover. This is a very personal way to design an album cover for birthdays, debuts, weddings and other significant events in the lives of the scrapbooker’s friends and family.

Scrapbook software also allows scrapbookers to create beautifully designed letters and journaling. The different templates available allow people to use unique fonts while adding shapes and objects in the background. In fact, the picture of a person can be used to design the background of the letters. This can be used to make the scrapbook more attractive and personal. This would be a good remembrance gift for people who want to keep memories of friendships and other relationships, including journaling also for more meaningful content. Scrapbookers would simply need to cut and paste the letters they made then the scrapbook software would do the rest.

Scrapbook software is used often by professional scrapbook makers as it offers a lot of sensible solutions. Instead of manually drawing and making patterns and embelishments, everything can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. This allows scrapbooking crafters to create scrapbooks as presents and gifts right after the event or celebration. Scrapbook software can also be used by inexperienced people who want to create beautiful scrapbooks. Finally, scrapbook software can save money and time since you do not need to utilize expensive art materials and tools.

Lucie Battaini loves scrapbooking, and has some great scrapbooking tips to share. Visit scrapbooking craft to learn more about scrapbooking designs, [] scrapbooking tools and tutorials and scrapbooking craft.

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Learn how to add titles to scrapbooks and record memories in this free video on arts and crafts. Get scrapbooking and journaling ideas. Expert: Stephanie Ovak Bio: Stephanie Ovak has always been interested in genealogy and family history and has been a true scrapbooker for the last eight years. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Create More, Spend Less

By Russ Gilman-Hunt

This is the story of how I went from being a casual (yet serious) scrapbook aficionado back when I was in college to being able to pay ALL of my bills and live very comfortably thanks to my freelance scrapbooking. Interested in the rest of the story?

Thought so!

Throughout college I started having different people ask me to do scrapbooks for them. First it was just one close friend and then a girl named Janie whom I had grown up with came a calling and before I knew it, I had a sizeable amount of people coming to me for any and all of their scrapbooking needs!

It all just happened so fast. First it was just my close friend and Janie and then another asked and then another – and another! It was nuts! Within a few months I ended up doing 15 scrapbooks with various people and it was all while taking a full course load, working out, and wrestling (I was a member of the wrestling club.).

The oddest job was one I did for my buddy Tommy. He was a man who wanted to keep a connection to his past to keep himself grounded while going through all the other more present life changes he was experiencing. He had grown up as the shyest kid in school and never even had a girlfriend in high school at all – but if you saw him in college you would have thought he had been a straight player his entire life. I won’t get into too much detail, but his scrap book sure was interesting – and filled with a lot of girls. Go figure!

Shortly after I had worked with Tommy, I began to come to an understanding of just how much money I could make if I marketed myself correctly. At that point I was fairly advanced in most areas of scrapbooking but there were still a ton of different things that I didn’t know that could save me tons of time and put even MORE money in my pocket!

After asking nearly every person I gazed upon over the next few days I gathered up a few leads for some different books and websites that people had suggested I check out. My first stop was the library where I checked out two of the books that were commended – and then immediately went to check them back in. Don’t get me wrong, they were filled with some good information – if you lived in the 1980′s!

To make a long story short though I ended up going to one of the websites someone had suggested for me and I just knew once I got there that I had finally managed to discover what I was looking for. The website is called ‘Scrapbook It For Me’ and if you can think of a method to make money with scrapbooks then they have it. They have it all and they don’t play around or dance about the bush. The information there is factual, easy to read and most importantly, easy to understand. Unless you just learned what scrapbooking was this morning then you should be just fine and end up just as giddy as I was after a mere five minutes surfing the site.

A lot of people think doing freelance work like that is just impossible and unachievable. But honestly it’s not. You’re going to have to put some hard, hard work in but if you put in the hours then you’ll see it tenfold in your wallet.

What are you waiting for? Get on over there there’s money to be made!

Russ Gilman-Hunt works from home building scrapbooks for friends and family. He’s visited [] many times, and loves to hear about everyone’s successes.

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A much more attractive way of preserving specific moments is compiling photographs inside a leather scrapbook as in comparison to some photo album. For holidays like Thanksgiving, or Christmas, a scrapbook is often an enormous surprise that will be sure to be considered both practical and meaningful.

You’ll be able to give a scrapbook to just about anybody of any age. For example, it can be good to provide scrapbooks as a gift to your family or your pals who have new babies, an upcoming wedding, a planned home warming, and so on. For individuals who are about to experience a fantastic lifetime event, a scrapbook is without a doubt much more inclined to be appreciated.

You may possibly select to purchase a leather scrapbook from Web shops or from craft stores in the malls. More generally than not, scrapbooks sold in the market come in kits with markers and page accents integrated. Hence, your gift receivers would have everything they need to commence designing a scrapbook and placing essential photos in it.


Giving out custom-made scrapbooks as gifts is also a superb way of making your receivers happy. Just picture the delight which is bound to show up on a bride’s face when she opens up your present and sees that what she got from you is a specially created scrapbook wherein she can place the photographs and keepsakes that result from her exclusive day. How about considering your respective niece who is going to be celebrating her sweet sixteen?  Guaranteed she’ll squeal with delight at the leather scrap book you’ve provided and will want to promptly fill it with snapshots and mementos of her party.

Creating scrapbook is among the world’s most inspiring and fantastic hobbies. It is calming as much as inspiring to invest high quality time with all your friends and members of the family. Also, it keeps gorgeous memories fresh for many years. Making scrapbook keeps you active and creative at the same time. It allows you time in planning and generating it.

In starting with ones own scrapbook, you have to very first remember that generating scrapbooks won’t necessitate spending tons of money. You are able to make superb scrapbooks devoid of spending a lot of cash. Just use your creativeness, ingenuity and imagination.

Right here are some suggestions in getting started with your personal scrapbook. Begin it by collecting your snap shots. Group your photos so that you make themes related to them. Then have a look into your drawers in case you have some postcards, old ticket stubs, as well as the like that may be relevant for these pics. You also will need a scrapbook. Simple scrapbooks are much better. Make certain that it is really acid-free to preserve the snap shots that you will place in it. You also will need fundamental supplies including scissors, glues, construction or colored papers and ribbons for your scrapbook. Remember that there’s no reason to have to obtain incredibly pricey kits and before you acquire any, look first in ones own home for some items that you may already have.

You may also like to try surfing the internet for new and elegant layouts that may possibly suit your preference. As we can see, digital scrapbooking is really a growing field and you will find far more designs to pick from since they produce gorgeous styles everyday.

The secret in scrapbooking is just creativity. If you want to possess exceptional and original results, test various themes from several places or possibly try recycled items around the property! This guarantees that you have one-of-a-kind art produced from the heart.

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