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Scrapbooking is fun. There is no question about it. It’s a fantastic way to protect your memories and at the same time explore your creative side. Listed below are some good tips and methods that I’ve acquired over the years that I hope could improve your scrapbooking experience.

Scrapbooking Packages. If you’re a beginner, packages are a good way to get started.  There is a extensive variety of them available at crafts stores. A lot of packages come with scrapbooking paper, die cuts, stickers and everything you need for a specific layout. Most scrapbooking kits create a page, although others can build a whole album. All you need to do is add the photographs. In either case, it’s a fantastic way to leap right in.

Baby Scrapbooks. One of the most popular kinds of scrapbook album is the infant book.  There are tons of embellishments available for infants: stickers, die cuts, paper, everything you need to put a book together in no time. Infants grow up fast, make sure you capture each minute in a scrapbooking album.

Lettering. If your intention is to have your letter stickers go on in a straight line, use a plastic ruler, make a fine line with a pencil.  Put your letters on the line and erase the pencil mark after your done. I like my letters crooked which lets my creativity fly and I don’t have to ever fear making a mistake.

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Rubber Stamps. Not long ago, I found the rubber stamp and now I have a large collection. One can use letter stamps to produce messages or simply stamp on a word that describes the page. It is possible to coordinate the color of your stamp to the shade of the page. One can purchase stamps in different shapes. One of my favorites is the dog paw print which I use all across the page to look like my dog walked across it. The choices are endless.

Organization. I could go on and on about this subject, but I’ll give just a couple of items that work for me. I use 3 ring binders to store many of my stickers and die cuts.  I use plastic pencil holders with zippers to store my bigger die cuts.  I use business card holder or baseball card holders to organize my stickers. I use accordion file holders to store my paper. I use fish tackle boxes to store pencils, pens and stickers. I arrange my photos in photograph boxes by date.

I find that often I need a little extra space when I’m putting a scrapbook together. I get out my ironing board and adjust it to the height of my desk and use it to keep things that I want within my reach.

Last but not least, my favorite tip.  I save the large 12 x 12 inch cardboard filler papers which come with scrapbooking hinged pages and page protectors. I use them as page layouts for each of my pages.  I layout all the pictures (trimmed), stickers, die cuts, etc, that I want to use on the page as if I was making the page and then stack the next cardboard page on top. This way I can lay out a number of pages, or a whole album before committing anything to the page. I find it much easier for me to put all the page ideas together and afterwards produce the actual album.

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