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Almost every week I get e-mails coming from persons asking for an alternative choice to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, looking for something cheaper and simpler to use. My Memories Suite may very well be exactly what you are searching for. I have been writing a My Memories Suite Review the last week. It doesn’t have the same learning curve as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. I’ll admit that I was a little confused when I first opened the software, but I made the first layout in less than sixty minutes, even if I never used My Memories suite before. It really is that simple to use.

What confused me a little bit as I opened this system was the menus. You have one sidebar on each side of the work area and an icon bar on top of it. From the first look, they seem doing the exact same. It is possible to insert images and embellishments from all three of them. However the left sidebar is a bit more like a browser, whilst the control panel sidebar at the right side lets you modify everything. Like shadows, adding music, create videos etc. The left sidebar is great for searching your images.

My Memories Suite lets you be as artistic as you wish to be. You can put a lot of work into each page if you want. Add a lot of details, make a good title and layer your papers. Or you may do it the speedy way. Pick a premade album and autofill it with your photographs. The last option is really very good. And even though you make use of autofill, it is possible to adjust the pages the way you like afterwards, before you order your printed book. My Memories Suite even has a a spelling checker included, that is a very handy feature. It is so frustrating when you have spent lots of time making your book, and it comes back from the printer with spelling mistakes you overlooked.

Occasionally I’m a little narrow minded. I recall reading a review of another scrapbook software in Macworld not long ago. And the person who wrote this review listed pros and cons, and one of the negatives was that he couldn’t add music to the pages. And I thought….hellooo….we make scrapbooks, we don’t expect to hear Holiday with Scorpions when we open our family vacation scrapbook.

I think the idea of adding music and video to a virtual scrapbook is an excellent idea. When you have family and friends visiting, you will not have to send your printed scrapbook around the table. Instead you can put a dvd in your player and you can all see the virtual scrapbook on your tv. Have you decided to buy the program yet? Before you do, do a google search for a My Memories Suite Coupon to get an additional discount on the already cheap price!

Marriage ceremonies are a lot of fun, not merely because it’s a special day, however mainly because it’s an event which would make various wedding scrapbook examples very easy to contemplate. Since scrapbooking is at times known as a photographic record and all weddings have pictures, making a totally exclusive scrapbook for your marriage may be a bit difficult. Again, nobody would like a marriage ceremony scrapbook without photographs, so what can you do to create a scrapbook and put in a bit style of your very own? Below are a few wedding scrapbook examples.

The fact that weddings are incredibly important in everyone’s life makes it an event that may never take place without photographs. Who would not desire a picture of a kiss at the ceremony? Or a photograph of the very first dance? All weddings have photographs and that’s what would make few scrapbook ideas for wedding quite suitable.

Just for your marriage scrapbook, why not hire a unique artistic professional photographer? Not merely the one clicking photographs at special activities, however a real professional photographer who focuses on creative photography? When you have your photographer, let them print photographs in black and white for a dramatic look. Sepia can be a very sexy and attractive scrapbook look as well. Let the photographer to play with your photos for a set of really unique photographs. At the time of the marriage, do not forget to tell the photographer to take stolen photographs. Stolen pictures enhance life and love in just one click. When you have artistic photographers working especially on stolen images, even pictures bring out the true feelings.

Looking for starter scrapbooking layouts and ideas? When crafting, by using starter ideas for scrapbooking layouts to lead your task provides you a blue-print that you may use to energize your creativeness and launch your crafting into directions you may not otherwise have thought about. If you wish to create a professional scrapbook that can wow both enthusiasts and professionals, don’t be afraid to kick start your imagination with project ideas which can be found online and elsewhere.

Ready To Start Projects

Your scrapbooking layout should be guided by a theme of your choice. The initial step is to obtain a good idea of what kind of theme you really want. Start with a consideration of what you want to document with your scrapbook. Perhaps it is a military scrapbook to document an enhancement, or a baby scrapbook to help save the memories of your child’s early years. Make the theme of your project steer your ideas and your search for ready made layouts. When you have decided your books theme, start your search for a layout.

Reflect On Your Project

The moment you have decided upon your layout theme, it is advisable to cultivate the subject of your undertaking. Brainstorm on layout ideas that have to do with the person you may be creating the scrapbook for. Keeping with the military theme, perhaps your Uncle Joe loves planes, or just your new little one Sally responds so keenly to flowers. Let the creativity flow through you as it will provide you with ideas that you can embellish your scrapbook with. Begin with an idea and then let it direct you through the process of collecting features that could make your scrapbook truly special.

Exercise your creativity to enhance the memories of the photos you are using. Never be afraid to experiment as well. If an idea develops in your thoughts, let it loose, try it! You might often surprise yourself with your own capability to create unique and fantastic designs.

Let us help unleash your creativity using free scrapbooking layouts and ideas.

If you’re planning a wedding you should consider making a scrapbook which can serve as definite and long-lasting chronicle from the initial preparations of the wedding through to the last hours of the wedding reception. To make sure your scrapbook is as attractive as possible you need to possibly first study few wedding scrapbook ideas.

In terms of scrapbooking as an art, weddings could be probably the most challenging things to handle. They are very important and formal events so every page has to work within appropriate limitations to keep the feeling of occasion through the years. You never desire one of the major memories of your wedding day to seem unattractive or unprofessional.

There’s also plenty of experience required to know how great scrapbooking pattern works, how colours and shapes balance, and how to blend completely different materials and textures for a quality finish.

Because of this it’s advisable using an experienced, comprehensive scrapbooking guide made specifically for weddings. Good guides clarify the concepts of good, yet limited, pattern while also providing layouts you may copy and advice on how make the most out of the accents and photographs you have available. They can also go as far as providing timeline layouts from dressing the new bride through to the reception so that you do not forget the most personal and important moments of the day.

It can take a little bit of practice to get scrapbooking a wedding right, however if you get in early there is absolutely no reason you can’t take the chance to make it a permanent memory of your big day.

You could find some excellent guides full of wedding scrapbook ideas and lots of other tutorials by browsing main scrapbooking ideas related internet sites.

I have always thought that simple scrapbook designs are the foundations where more complicated themes are created. The most breathtaking, multi-layered scrapbook albums you have possibly seen all began with just a basic layout. Every scrapbooker should have at least three fundamental layouts they can apply in instances where they get stuck on an idea. When you have a few common patterns in your collection, you will have something to fall back on should you need ideas.

Another excellent reason for having a handful of simple scrapbook patterns up your sleeve is to have something to create upon. Just like I mentioned above, you could use a simple layout then build it to acquire a stunning layout that’s more advanced than what you commenced with. The standard scrapbook ideas I’m going to give you have also been tested out by some of my buddies in their own projects, and if you viewed their accomplished pages, you won’t believe that these people started out with a simple format similar to the ones in this article.

The first basic style you may use is a grid format. Divide your page equally into thirds, or perhaps into fourths if you have a bigger-sized page. For pictures and journaling elements, it’s advisable to use the same sizes to get a uniform look all over the entire page. If you’ve got spaces or margins in between each photo or journaling part, make sure that they are also the very same sizes all over. A grid layout is going to look at its finest if the sizes of the margins and materials are of uniform sizes.

Now you can add each of the embellishments that you like. You can also make use of background paper of several styles or colors for each square in the grid to add much more spice and variety.

The next layout you could use is the lined pattern. This does not mean that you have to use a background paper with lines all over it. A lined pattern indicates that your major elements are positioned in a straight line. The most frequently used elements for a layout like this would be the photographs.

You would have a much better-looking pattern if you use photographs of identical sizes. Coordinate the photos in a line over the page, either vertically or horizontally. Once in a while you can use a diagonal line if you are feeling experimental. A lined layout also provides extra space for your other items, such as journaling or just a lot more embellishments.

The third basic style is the focal point pattern. You need to have a big-sized picture for your subject. It will be the focal point of the page, so it’s best if you have the photograph in a larger size compared to the rest of the materials surrounding it. Position the large picture just a bit off-center on your page; start by placing it smack dab on the middle, then move it a couple of inches to the left or right. You may then add a journaling element beneath it or beside it, together with the embellishments you want.

How much do you know about digital scrapbooking software? The great thing about scrapbooking software is that you can save a lot of time since you don’t have to do things like cutting out images or make designs? What most people don’t understand about digital scrapbooking software is exactly how it works and what the benefits of it are. What you need to know is that with scrapbooking software you have the ability to print, cut, crop, and design different images and the best part about it is you do it all with your computer . Something that you will quickly figure out when using software to get all the design work done is that it doesn’t take long and the possibilities as to what you can do are practically endless.

Another thing you need to know about digital scrapbooking software is that you can find really great ones for less than $50 The fact that you don’t have to spend that much money and they save time, and energy is a plus. Major beneficial factors that will shock you after you come across that it not only saves ample amount of yours from moving to different shops to get simple jobs done like designing, printing stuffs, now all this can be done from your own machine sitting back at your home, from this you can turn your home PC into an image directory . Think about it, why would anybody want to keep wasting time if they could just spend a little bit of money up front and reap the benefits later?

Tips on using digital scrapbooking software

Don’t wait to get it – advice I have for you in terms of digital scrapbooking software is that you should not wait to get it. What many do is that you only get when you are tired of scrapbooking and usually this is when they are about to stop doing all together. My advice is to get the software now so that you can save time and money and also make the scrapbooking process a lot easier for you.

Price does not really matter – as regards the software, the price does not matter. What you probably think is that if you buy a software package that cost $100 it must be a lot better than the ones you can find for $10 but the fact of the matter is there are not a lot of differences. What you will realize is the only difference is the amount of pre stocked photos and designs and some software out there even gives you some additional features. Remember this because this too can save you money.

Look for packages – The last tip I have for you is you should always look for packages when buying scrapbooking software. The reason why you should look for packages is because a lot of times you will find software that comes with a crew scrapbooks or design materials. The great thing about digital scrapbooking software along with a scrapbook or more materials is you are pretty much getting the software for free.

Journaling may look like a basic aspect for creating your scrapbooks, but skilled scrapbookers know that it can be a great tool for adding flair and character to the pages. Some newbies might know the importance of journaling, but at times they get perplexed about how precisely to use it.

This is a short but effective listing of 6 ways you can include journaling in your scrapbooks. Keep in mind that there’s no need to follow all of them detail by detail; what is essential is that you get tips for applying journaling in your very own pages.

1. Names and Dates – Begin with the basics. Most first-timers stress much about writing straight on their scrapbooks, particularly if they’re not convinced enough of their very own handwriting. Documenting the important dates and names of an affair or a subject will be the initial step towards getting a bit more confidence in journaling. If you’re worried about writing directly on the page, you can even use a few cards or tags and attach it afterward.

2. Shapes and Curves – Jot down a sentence or an expression in a circle or a curve. This can look fantastic on a designed background, plus you may add a little bit of a unique touch by putting down the words in a shape, not necessarily in a straight line.

3. Frames and Borders – Put more flair to your attached photos by writing down your thoughts or even a little extra information on the borders, or maybe on the frame itself. It’s not necessary to jot down a complete sentence; just a few words will do.

4. Letters and Poems – If you might be hankering for an opportunity to let the world learn how you actually feel about the topic, make a letter or perhaps a poem about the occasion or the person you happen to be scrapping about. Don’t get frustrated if it gets too long to place in the page; you could apply slide tags or just make a different page on your journaling, complete with its own embellishments.

5. Use Scrap Objects – You’re making scrapbooking, after all. So why not make use of common items like matchbooks, torn-up pockets, cloth, or bits of flat metal? If you are a woman of very few words, this might be the best fit for you, plus you have another opportunity of displaying your ingenuity by using such things. You may use paint, markers, colors, or anything else that you want.

6. Indexes and Dedications – These are effective journaling elements for individuals that just do not want to mess up their pages by means of handwriting. You can actually create an index page or a dedication page to jot down added info about your topic.

They are just a few of the approaches you can include journaling to your scrapbooks. Once you continue enjoying this excellent hobby and know more techniques, you will soon find fresh as well as better ways to apply journaling in your pages.

Remember that there is no definite right or wrong technique to do something in scrapbooking, thus go on and feel free to experiment. It’s the best way to learn and have fun with the craft all at once.

Whatever time of year or what holiday you may be enjoying, there’s a purpose to create a scrapbook to record it. The motive behind holiday scrapbooking ideas is the simple fact time slips away quickly and memories, the priceless stuff of which life is made, are elusive. To seize them for future generations, choose on holiday scrapbooking ideas for some or all the holidays of the year. But perhaps one scrapbook per year might be Much less intimidating than a separate scrapbook for each holiday. This has a better chance of insuring thought and consummate effort into your final holiday scrapbooking concepts. Here are some thoughts about how to go about this seemingly monumental task, which, like most things in life, is accomplished one step at a time.

Write down your thoughts in a holiday scrapbooking ideas journal before you begin. Involve some of the following: feelings, plans, hopes and dreams for the holidays. Collect material for your holiday scrapbooking concepts that mirror the concepts expressed in these notes.

Journaling is a tool to document your photos.

Write down as much data as possible about the photos and other stuff you have chosen for your holiday scrapbooking ideas. This could include when and what time of day it was taken, location, occasion, and of course, who is in the photo. Even though these particulars may not seem important for those who weren’t there when the photos were taken, this is all irreplaceable anecdotal information. Record it for always and incorporate it all into your holiday scrapbooking concepts. Journaling also helps to relate the story of the holiday you are commemorating, no matter which it may be.

How can I personalizing my scrapbooking ideas?

This will greatly depend on the type of scrapbooking paper and pattern you decide on. There are a myriad of choices available on the market today, so pick those designs for your holiday scrapbooking ideas that ideally suit you and your family’s total persona. Paper patterns can also serve as a refined backdrop to your holiday scrapbooking strategies. Remember, the photos are the most important attraction, and you will need something to complement but not overshadow their influence. Anything goes however, so let your creativeness go as wild as it dares to express your holiday scrapbooking strategies. Most critical of all, make the choice that reflects your own exclusive holiday scrapbooking concepts.

Include the whole family in the project.

An particular person within a family celebrates a holiday, even though some holidays are more family-oriented than others. Encourage everybody in your family members to gather things and photos that mean something particularly to them. Figure out where and how these images will fall into into your holiday scrapbook ideas later. Each family member should have a page in your holiday scrapbook, if it is at all possible.

Never lose sight of why you are creating your holiday scrapbooking ideas.

The motive is to have fun and commemorate those particular moments that keep us all alive and smiling. Bear in mind too, if you instill a custom of exploring your holiday scrapbooking concepts with your children, the chances are they will also do it with their own children when the time comes.

Arrange, set up, and then arrange some more all of your holiday scrapbooking ideas.

Don’t be put off by misunderstandings about holiday scrapbooking ideas.

Several people would have thought at one time holiday scrapbooks and the like are for the more artisy among us. Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth and with all the advancements of digital scrapbooking, it couldn’t be any less complicated. Simply upload the photos of your choice, crop them, add embellishments with software, then print them all out to express your ideas.

Another misconception about showing your holiday scrapbooking strategies concerns the sum of time involved. Many believe it is too time involved. Limit your idea to grabing a moment and feeling in time and nothing more, and you can complete your holiday scrapbooking ideas in far less time then you might have imagined.

Do not feel everything must lined up in chronological order.

This is one tip that will save you a lot of time. If you are caught or bored with one section, for the time being, move on to another area which interests you more because inspiration shows in the end.

Whatever you do, enjoy the holidays that are a part of your life. They represent the greatest of your experiences and as such, should be savored, just like a glass of the finest wine.


Anytime you search online nowadays, you would find it easy to come upon an array of scrapbooking material and embellishments that you will definitely need to finish your scrapbooking. Actually, you can use just about any kind of product to serve as your decoration for it. However the most usual types of accessories included in every scrapbooker’s toolset would be die pieces, tags, laces and ribbons, templates, stickers, postage stamps and many more.

Just what may be regarded as as the most favored scrapbooking material would be the stickers. This might be because of the fact that they are readily accessible plus they are offered in wide types. What is important to keep in mind is to select stickers that would match the overall concept of your scrapbook. Moreover, scrapbookers simply fancy them as they are very easy to apply. You only have to stick them on.

Ribbons come second which can be purchased in different types of styles, sizes and materials. These are popular since most scrapbookers do albums for the popular occasions such as weddings, birthday parties or baby showers. And definitely, the ribbon is something that can surely relate to any affair. Along with it, you could think of new shapes like knots, bows or maybe use it as edges. It’s also possible to use it to gather together buttons as well as beads.

The buttons, beads and eyelets are important add-ons regardless of how small they can be. Simply stick them, preferably using a glue on, so that they won’t fall off. Such small objects can certainly add extra creative styles to your every scrapbook page. By using eyelets, it helps if you would have an eyelet device on hand too always.

If you happen to not prefer glue, you may just sew them in tiny holes of your pages and use a ordinary needle to sew it on by creating tiny openings. The brads are used to be inserted and secure any kind of materials on the page to stay fastly held. Others also use tags as a way to put a greater feeling of journaling to your scrapbooking project. It also makes it a lot more elegant and presentable and creates convenience to anyone who will want to see it.

Stencils could work a great deal too especially if you are fond of including sketches to your pages. These are suitable for individuals who feel that they do not have the ability for sketching. The stencils through pencils allow you to draw objects with excellent accuracy to make you feel better about the drawing. Hence, even when you are not so creative with regards to drawings, the stencils will help you a lot with the challenge.

Die cuts and pastels are important scrapbooking embellishments to use too for your hobby. These can help create a brand new look for your scrapbook and also manage to add a variety of colors and shadings with all your equipment and materials around.

A circle journal is a very cool and very interactive scrapbook trend that every scrapper ought to be a part of, maybe even at least once during their lives. It is commonly organized and participated in by a group of scrapbookers, whether or not they live in the same community. At any rate, it basically gets mailed from a certain scrapper to the next, and the time it’s done, the group journal could have spread across hundreds of miles or more as each page gets dome by another person from the group.

If you want to take part in this scrapbook trend, the ideal thing to do would be to go to a scrapbooking online forum. Online communities are usually the top places to see when you are looking for events or activities related to your particular hobbies, whether it’s cycling, farming, scrapbooking, etc. In case you also have a group of scrapbookers in your city, perhaps you can arrange it among yourselves besides going to a forum on the web.

A circle journal, as with every other scrapbook, follows a theme or topic which is decided beforehand by all the participants. It begins with the first person creating a 1-or-2-page format about the concept, after which the album is transported by mail to the next scrapbooker on the list. In the same way, that scrapbooker creates her own layout on that group journal before passing it onto the next. The circle journal is completed when the entire scrapbook is sent to the owner who started out the first page.

The themes for a group journal can be as varied as that of a common scrapbook, mostly because the two projects do not have that much of a distinction between them. The only real distinction would be that the group journal gets passed all over and worked upon by a number of scrappers.

If you want to commence a circle journal amongst your friends and family, you could start off by using a simple theme such as “What Makes Me Laugh”, “Growing Up”, “Things People Don’t Know About Me”, or maybe “Favorite Recipes”. The one who owns the circle journal begins page one as well as designs the cover. A page of rules plus a sign-in sheet can also be provided. The sign-in sheet may possibly function as a table of contents once the group journal is done.

The best part about the group journal is that you can observe how each member interprets the common topic. If you ever choose the “What Makes Me Laugh” theme, for example, all the members are now able to learn more about the funny bone of each of their friends, and also add more understanding of each members’ personality. Based on that concept, can you just imagine what information you could gain on using themes like “Favorite Recipes” or “Growing Up”?

It allows the owner have fun with a special treasure that also lets her catch a peek into her friends’ unique individualities and scrapbooking styles. And so if you have not caught on to this scrapbook trend yet, then what are you waiting for? Set up or sign up for one now, and let the scrapbooking fun begin!

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