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One of the top time saving tools for scrapbookers are Digital Scrapbooking Templates. I often hear scrappers state that they think making use of templates are like “cheating”, or that they are really useful only for starters. I totally disagree in such a statement!

Digital Scrapbooking Templates are actually for both newcomers and more skilled scrapbookers. You could certainly create very simple layouts using templates by simply including a background, a few pictures and a few elements. And if that is all you want, that is fine. But for an skilled scrapper you could use a template to get started, and then bring your own style to them by including elements and journaling to them. You can rotate or flip them to get the look you want. When you have added background papers and photos to the template, use your own imagination and creativity so that you can create a unique layout from it.

A Digital Scrapbooking Template is typically created as a psd or a tiff file. The purpose for creating templates in these kinds of formats is that they supports layers. Because the files are layered you can include your papers and photos above the layer in the template, and then group them with the template layer beneath it. Are you asking yourself what exactly I ‘m talking about? It may sound like a foreign language before you learn how, but don’t worry. It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Digital Scrapbooking Templates are also ideal for creating photo books. You can buy template sets for photo books in a lot of scrapbook stores on the web. These sets are often made in a certain style, may be they have got a plain and simple look or perhaps have plenty of multiphoto pages. By making use of a coordinated set like that you are certain to get a similar style within the whole book, also if you use different kits to scrap your layouts.

Starters often struggle to get the hang of digital scrapbooking, and most kinds of software has a learning curve. But I really suggest making the effort to master a program like adobe photoshop, adobe photoshop elements or a comparable program, instead of simple scrapbook programs with very limited possibilities. Digital Scrapbook Templates can often be a terrific help understanding the concepts of digiscrapping.

Using templates can be helpful when you want to learn the basics. If you have tried paper scrapping, you will soon find out that digital scrapbooking techniques are very similar. You start with a digital background paper, just like you do with real paper, and then add photos and elements in layers just like you would on a paper scrapbook layout.. Also make sure to include journaling into your page, a few years from now this will be the most important part of the layouts you create. At least, that is what I think is most important, even if some scrappers might disagree and prefer to use scrapbooking as a form of art to create fantasy layouts. For me, digital scrapbooking has always been all about telling a story, and I always follow a simple rule to answer these questions: Why, where, when and what’s the story about the photo.

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