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A circle journal is a very cool and very interactive scrapbook trend that every scrapper ought to be a part of, maybe even at least once during their lives. It is commonly organized and participated in by a group of scrapbookers, whether or not they live in the same community. At any rate, it basically gets mailed from a certain scrapper to the next, and the time it’s done, the group journal could have spread across hundreds of miles or more as each page gets dome by another person from the group.

If you want to take part in this scrapbook trend, the ideal thing to do would be to go to a scrapbooking online forum. Online communities are usually the top places to see when you are looking for events or activities related to your particular hobbies, whether it’s cycling, farming, scrapbooking, etc. In case you also have a group of scrapbookers in your city, perhaps you can arrange it among yourselves besides going to a forum on the web.

A circle journal, as with every other scrapbook, follows a theme or topic which is decided beforehand by all the participants. It begins with the first person creating a 1-or-2-page format about the concept, after which the album is transported by mail to the next scrapbooker on the list. In the same way, that scrapbooker creates her own layout on that group journal before passing it onto the next. The circle journal is completed when the entire scrapbook is sent to the owner who started out the first page.

The themes for a group journal can be as varied as that of a common scrapbook, mostly because the two projects do not have that much of a distinction between them. The only real distinction would be that the group journal gets passed all over and worked upon by a number of scrappers.

If you want to commence a circle journal amongst your friends and family, you could start off by using a simple theme such as “What Makes Me Laugh”, “Growing Up”, “Things People Don’t Know About Me”, or maybe “Favorite Recipes”. The one who owns the circle journal begins page one as well as designs the cover. A page of rules plus a sign-in sheet can also be provided. The sign-in sheet may possibly function as a table of contents once the group journal is done.

The best part about the group journal is that you can observe how each member interprets the common topic. If you ever choose the “What Makes Me Laugh” theme, for example, all the members are now able to learn more about the funny bone of each of their friends, and also add more understanding of each members’ personality. Based on that concept, can you just imagine what information you could gain on using themes like “Favorite Recipes” or “Growing Up”?

It allows the owner have fun with a special treasure that also lets her catch a peek into her friends’ unique individualities and scrapbooking styles. And so if you have not caught on to this scrapbook trend yet, then what are you waiting for? Set up or sign up for one now, and let the scrapbooking fun begin!

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