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Journaling may look like a basic aspect for creating your scrapbooks, but skilled scrapbookers know that it can be a great tool for adding flair and character to the pages. Some newbies might know the importance of journaling, but at times they get perplexed about how precisely to use it.

This is a short but effective listing of 6 ways you can include journaling in your scrapbooks. Keep in mind that there’s no need to follow all of them detail by detail; what is essential is that you get tips for applying journaling in your very own pages.

1. Names and Dates – Begin with the basics. Most first-timers stress much about writing straight on their scrapbooks, particularly if they’re not convinced enough of their very own handwriting. Documenting the important dates and names of an affair or a subject will be the initial step towards getting a bit more confidence in journaling. If you’re worried about writing directly on the page, you can even use a few cards or tags and attach it afterward.

2. Shapes and Curves – Jot down a sentence or an expression in a circle or a curve. This can look fantastic on a designed background, plus you may add a little bit of a unique touch by putting down the words in a shape, not necessarily in a straight line.

3. Frames and Borders – Put more flair to your attached photos by writing down your thoughts or even a little extra information on the borders, or maybe on the frame itself. It’s not necessary to jot down a complete sentence; just a few words will do.

4. Letters and Poems – If you might be hankering for an opportunity to let the world learn how you actually feel about the topic, make a letter or perhaps a poem about the occasion or the person you happen to be scrapping about. Don’t get frustrated if it gets too long to place in the page; you could apply slide tags or just make a different page on your journaling, complete with its own embellishments.

5. Use Scrap Objects – You’re making scrapbooking, after all. So why not make use of common items like matchbooks, torn-up pockets, cloth, or bits of flat metal? If you are a woman of very few words, this might be the best fit for you, plus you have another opportunity of displaying your ingenuity by using such things. You may use paint, markers, colors, or anything else that you want.

6. Indexes and Dedications – These are effective journaling elements for individuals that just do not want to mess up their pages by means of handwriting. You can actually create an index page or a dedication page to jot down added info about your topic.

They are just a few of the approaches you can include journaling to your scrapbooks. Once you continue enjoying this excellent hobby and know more techniques, you will soon find fresh as well as better ways to apply journaling in your pages.

Remember that there is no definite right or wrong technique to do something in scrapbooking, thus go on and feel free to experiment. It’s the best way to learn and have fun with the craft all at once.

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