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Almost every week I get e-mails coming from persons asking for an alternative choice to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, looking for something cheaper and simpler to use. My Memories Suite may very well be exactly what you are searching for. I have been writing a My Memories Suite Review the last week. It doesn’t have the same learning curve as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. I’ll admit that I was a little confused when I first opened the software, but I made the first layout in less than sixty minutes, even if I never used My Memories suite before. It really is that simple to use.

What confused me a little bit as I opened this system was the menus. You have one sidebar on each side of the work area and an icon bar on top of it. From the first look, they seem doing the exact same. It is possible to insert images and embellishments from all three of them. However the left sidebar is a bit more like a browser, whilst the control panel sidebar at the right side lets you modify everything. Like shadows, adding music, create videos etc. The left sidebar is great for searching your images.

My Memories Suite lets you be as artistic as you wish to be. You can put a lot of work into each page if you want. Add a lot of details, make a good title and layer your papers. Or you may do it the speedy way. Pick a premade album and autofill it with your photographs. The last option is really very good. And even though you make use of autofill, it is possible to adjust the pages the way you like afterwards, before you order your printed book. My Memories Suite even has a a spelling checker included, that is a very handy feature. It is so frustrating when you have spent lots of time making your book, and it comes back from the printer with spelling mistakes you overlooked.

Occasionally I’m a little narrow minded. I recall reading a review of another scrapbook software in Macworld not long ago. And the person who wrote this review listed pros and cons, and one of the negatives was that he couldn’t add music to the pages. And I thought….hellooo….we make scrapbooks, we don’t expect to hear Holiday with Scorpions when we open our family vacation scrapbook.

I think the idea of adding music and video to a virtual scrapbook is an excellent idea. When you have family and friends visiting, you will not have to send your printed scrapbook around the table. Instead you can put a dvd in your player and you can all see the virtual scrapbook on your tv. Have you decided to buy the program yet? Before you do, do a google search for a My Memories Suite Coupon to get an additional discount on the already cheap price!

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