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Kids love to do craft projects, there is certainly no doubt about it. But I believe young children, specifically younger kids like to have their projects much less structured. I entirely feel this is true mainly because they might be much more creative and have a lot more enjoyment that way.

Do not get me wrong, I come up with craft ideas for my daughter and we get a good deal of entertainment with them, but she appears to get a lot more joy creating her personal craft designs.

Several years back, I went to our local craft store and purchased a ton of craft supplies for very little money. I bought beads, pipe cleaners, glitter, stickers, feathers, yarn, lace, buttons, and just a ton of crafty sort of stuff. I put it all in a large box with some glue and glue sticks.  Hence my daughter’s crafting box came into existence.

We have since added stickers, markers, cotton balls, sequins and other stuff we discover.

I purchased a huge tablet of thick paper and now her “scrapbook” came into existence. She loves to get it out and develop unique pages of tips and creations. She cuts pictures out of magazines and adds them to it too.

Occasionally she just makes her very own craft projects out of the materials as opposed to making her “scrapbooking pages” and she has an excellent time. The only drawback to her scrapbooking is at times she uses a ton of glue and we need to wait for it to dry before she can turn the page and move on to her next crafting creation.

So do not always believe in structured when it comes to craft concepts for young children. You and they will almost certainly have a whole lot more fun if you let their imagination rule the project. After all, it’s their creation. There’s no incorrect or proper way to do it. They may turn out to be frustrated if they can’t make their creations appear just like they want it to be.

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