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By Russ Gilman-Hunt

This is the story of how I went from being a casual (yet serious) scrapbook aficionado back when I was in college to being able to pay ALL of my bills and live very comfortably thanks to my freelance scrapbooking. Interested in the rest of the story?

Thought so!

Throughout college I started having different people ask me to do scrapbooks for them. First it was just one close friend and then a girl named Janie whom I had grown up with came a calling and before I knew it, I had a sizeable amount of people coming to me for any and all of their scrapbooking needs!

It all just happened so fast. First it was just my close friend and Janie and then another asked and then another – and another! It was nuts! Within a few months I ended up doing 15 scrapbooks with various people and it was all while taking a full course load, working out, and wrestling (I was a member of the wrestling club.).

The oddest job was one I did for my buddy Tommy. He was a man who wanted to keep a connection to his past to keep himself grounded while going through all the other more present life changes he was experiencing. He had grown up as the shyest kid in school and never even had a girlfriend in high school at all – but if you saw him in college you would have thought he had been a straight player his entire life. I won’t get into too much detail, but his scrap book sure was interesting – and filled with a lot of girls. Go figure!

Shortly after I had worked with Tommy, I began to come to an understanding of just how much money I could make if I marketed myself correctly. At that point I was fairly advanced in most areas of scrapbooking but there were still a ton of different things that I didn’t know that could save me tons of time and put even MORE money in my pocket!

After asking nearly every person I gazed upon over the next few days I gathered up a few leads for some different books and websites that people had suggested I check out. My first stop was the library where I checked out two of the books that were commended – and then immediately went to check them back in. Don’t get me wrong, they were filled with some good information – if you lived in the 1980′s!

To make a long story short though I ended up going to one of the websites someone had suggested for me and I just knew once I got there that I had finally managed to discover what I was looking for. The website is called ‘Scrapbook It For Me’ and if you can think of a method to make money with scrapbooks then they have it. They have it all and they don’t play around or dance about the bush. The information there is factual, easy to read and most importantly, easy to understand. Unless you just learned what scrapbooking was this morning then you should be just fine and end up just as giddy as I was after a mere five minutes surfing the site.

A lot of people think doing freelance work like that is just impossible and unachievable. But honestly it’s not. You’re going to have to put some hard, hard work in but if you put in the hours then you’ll see it tenfold in your wallet.

What are you waiting for? Get on over there there’s money to be made!

Russ Gilman-Hunt works from home building scrapbooks for friends and family. He’s visited [] many times, and loves to hear about everyone’s successes.

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